Boating Sunglasses

When you are out boating or sailing there is often very little shade from the glare of the sun.  Although larger boats will allow you to go below deck, and sailing boats may give you some shade beneath the sails themselves, small boats like kayaks, canoes and dinghies allow you no escape from the sun's ultra violet rays. Excesses of these UV rays may damage your eyes, so these boating sunglasses will offer you protecton for your valuable eyesight.

Headwater Sunglasses

Action Optics Headwater Sunglasses

The Headwater from Action Optics sunglasses is at the head of the class! With polarized lightweight, shatter resistant lenses, these sun glasses are great for fishing, boating, or a day at the beach.  Tortoise Brown Polarized PC, get these for less than normal retail price by buying online!

Delta HP Shield Action Optics Sunglasses

Delta HP Shield - Action Optics Sunglasses

The style of the Delta HP sun glasses from Action Optics makes these an excellent choice for biking or boating. The wrap around sunglasses will provide protection against the wind as well as the sun's rays, and the shatter resistant lenses will help protect your eyes.  They come in High performance sport styling Black Copper Polarized PC!  Buy online and get these for less than usual retail price!

H20 Serengeti Glasses

H20 Serengeti Glasses

Jade Blue Waters is proud to present the H2Optix marine vision system sunglasses, specifically created for the water sport enthusiast.  These are the sunglasses for you, whether you are into boating, water skiiing just having fun at the beach, The H2Optix Atlantic sun glasses give you virtually 100% ultra violet protection plus maximum polarization which eliminates the intense glare of the sun on water, and allows you to actually see below the surface of the water.  These sunglasses will minimise the eyestrain or headache you may often get from being on the water all day.  An adjustable floating strap will keep your sunglasses firmly in place and will save you from losing them if you accidentally drop thm in the water.  With advanced water-sheeting action and extreme style, these sunglasses are extremely lightweight and nearly indestructible - simply the ultimate sun glasses if you are a water enthusiast.

Seth Moto Goggle from Black Flys Sunglasses

Black Flys Goggle Sunglasses

Seth Moto Goggles from Black Flys sunglasses offer superior visual performance in an exclusive frame design that is both stylistically ambitious and technologically advanced.  Their fit is uniquely luxurious and comfortable.  Their lenses provide complete UV and infrared protection.  In clear black, they give the discriminating owner something as rewarding to look at as through.  Save money by purchasing online!

Sunglass Holder

Sunglass Holders

If I'd used these, I wouldn't owe Bob a pair of $99.00 sunglasses. "Could you hold these a moment" was the last thing he said before he paddled away in his kayak. I placed his sunglasses on top of my head, lay back to relax in my dinghy, and heard a splash. Whoops, Bob's glasses had fallen off and sank quickly to the bottom!

These unique and quite distinctive Wind in the Rigging sunglass holders are 24" long and are available in either round or flat ropework.  Both are made of high quality nylon for brightness and appearance.  The round retainer is knotted with a four strand round sennit, whereas the flat retainer is knotted with a doubled three-strand flat sennit. Both are machine washable and drip-dry.  They could easily save you from losing glasses worth 20 times their cost or more!

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