Portable Coolers

Whether you are out boating and sailing, or in the countryside, or simply on a journey away from home, keep your refreshments and food completely fresh with a portable cooler.

We offer a wide selection of all sizes of portable coolers from quality sources, starting at handy cooler bags and going all the way up to full scale marine coolers:

Cooler Bags  Perfect to keep your food and drinks fresh and cool without having to carry a large box on your travels.  These soft sided coolers are ideal as lunch bags or for kayak and dinghy adventures, plus many more uses.

Small Portable Coolers 6.5 quarts to 32 quarts, ranging from ultra compact coolers, which are perfect for lunch and drinks, up to 32 quart coolers, perfect for larger volumes of food and beverages when on motor travels, sailing or boating.  Includes thermoelectric coolers which can be used to both heat up or cool down food and drinks.

Medium Portable Coolers 36 quarts to 54 quarts, with room enough to carry food and drinks for a large family or group, these are perfectly designed for a picnic, lunch in the countryside or to take with you when sailing or boating.  Larger thermoelectric coolers are also featured here.

Large Portable Coolers over 56 quarts, up to full size marine ice chests.  These are suitable for keeping a large volume of foodstuffs or drinks fresh and cool on long journeys.  Larger coolers are ideal for big outdoor trips, camping, or a huge picnic.   The marine coolers are ideally suited for boats and sailing.

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